Why I love shooting pop videos

The life of an image maker is not all wine and roses. A lot of the stuff is corporate, shooting talking heads in offices, making sure that the lighting and sound work to project a professional corporate image. The TVCs can be hard work and long hours, only to see your best shots left on the cutting room floor to make room for another 5 seconds of hard sell. And then there's the fun stuff, which may not be as lucrative, but it means working with creative and good looking young people, so the imagery is often very strong. Here are some shots from a recent music video that I was Director of Photography on, working for the 2nd time with talented local director Kuhan Kunasegran. The stars are Hunny Madu and Kayda, but the first shot is of local model Amelia.


Sometimes on a film set all you get to play with is a black room and a couple of lights. But it always pays to have talent in front of the camera as well as behind it, so Kayda and Hunny filled the room with a great performance. The costumes in particular are great in this shot. They're very Star Trek, but with a touch of Japan in there too. I wish I could remember who they were designed by. 

Hunny and Kayda performing

And here's Kayda on her own, catching that modern 1930's look. 



Shooting a promo based on MMA. One of the fighters is Sandro, a very tall guy with a great look. This is a still from the video shoot. Shot with my Red Dragon and a Contax Zeiss 85mm prime. 





The AV Rappers

Shooting a rap video with some well known Malaysian female rappers. Stills shot with the Red Dragon Camera

The AV Girls

KLCC Long Distance by Night

Believe it or not, this shot is a still from a video camera, taken with a lens that is at least 20 years old. I was testing out my old Mamiya 220mm lens on the Red, shooting timelapses from my balcony, which is about 8km (5 miles) away from KLCC Twin Towers. Marrying new tech like the Red with classic lenses from the past can yield some lovely surprises. In this case, the sharpness on this image is incredible, especially if you consider that the light had to travel through 8Km of KL's diesel-laden atmosphere. To check out the full size 4K Ultra HD version (which makes lovely wallpaper), click this link. It might take a while to load because it's a 10MB file.

KL Skyline up close by night.